Near B&B Casa da Várzea there are several teaching and research institutions, from a short walking distance, like UFPE, CETENE, ITEP and IFPE, besides several tourist atractions.

Teaching and Research Institutions

In Cidade Universitária (walking distance)

UFPE – Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Avenida Prof. Moraes Rego, 123, Phone: (81) 2126-7450
CETENE – Centro de Tecnologia do Nordeste
Avenida Professor Luís Freire, 1, Phone: (81) 3334-7200
ITEP – Instituto Tecnológico de Pernambuco
Avenida Professor Luís Freire, 700, Phone: (81) 3183-4399
IFPE – Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de Pernambuco
Avenida Professor Luís Freire, 500, Phone: (81) 2125-1600

In Dois Irmãos (at 2,2 km; access by bus or car)

UFRPE – Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco
Rua Manuel de Medeiros – Dois Irmãos, Fone: (81) 3320-6103

Tourist Attractions near


Entrance to Parque Dois Irmãos (zoo)

Parque de Dois Irmãos (Zoo)

The State Park Dois Irmãos has a 950 acres area, of which 35 acres are occupied by the Recife Zoo. On the park reserve, considered to be one of the biggest Atlantic Forest areas in Pernambuco State, live about 600 animals between birds, reptiles and mammals distributed amongst 120 species, both native and exotic.

Opened: Tuesday through sunday, from 8h to 16h

Note: on january and july (school hollidays) the park is open also on mondays on the same times.

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Instituto Ricardo Brennand

Instituto Ricardo Brennand

Instituto Ricardo Brennand

Group of museums with collections of weapons, paintings and other artwork and a library – in a walking distance!

Exiting to the right, on Praça da Várzea, enter Mário Campelo street and go straight untill arriving to the Institute.

Opened: Tuesday through sunday, from 13h to 17h

Fee: R$ 20,00 (full); R$ 10,00 (people with disabilities, students, teachers and elderly people (above 60 years old) using documents to prove it).

Note: No fee every last tuesday of each month.

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Oficina de Francisco Brennand

Oficina de Francisco Brennand

Oficina Brennand (drawings, paintings, ceramic art produced by the great artist Francisco Brennand)

The Oficina Brennand (Brennand shop) was founded in 1971 on the ruins of a brick yard, as a grandious project of the artist Francisco Brennand.  It’s installed in the old brick yard factory, on the land of Engenho Santos Cosme e Damião, surrounded by the remains of Atlantic Forest and the waters of the Capibaribe river. Unique place in the world, the Oficina Brennand is a monumental architectonic complex of great originality, in constant change process, where the work of art is associated with architecture to give way to a universe that is abissal, dionysical, subterraneal, obscure, sexual and religious.

Opened: monday through thursday: 8h to 17h; friday: 8h to 16h (saturdays, sundays and hollidays – closed).

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